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If you plan to shampoo and condition your hair in 2012, and if you have experienced NEI products such as our Almond Soy Shampoo and Almond Soy Conditioner with Mint, and will use nothing else, you really should order your supply today!

Why? Natural products are great for our hair and our skin! And because we are committed to authentic, natural products, we have to pay more to make our effective NEI products. Almonds, soy, jojoba, oils, mint and more, like all nourishing food and groceries, are increasing in price. Sure, we could substitute with synthetics which are cheaper, but we are committed to our name: Nature’s Essential Ingredients, also known as NEI Beautycare. Why? Because natural products work better than chemicals.

Right now, trek on over to and order as much as you need for 2012. All orders over $50 receive free shipping so this is really the best time to buy.

Here are the prices beginning Jan 1, 2012:

Almond Shampoo

Almond Soy
8 oz.
Almond Soy Shampoo is a natural balance for hair moisture. It is the natural way to cleanse and nourish hair without stripping away natural oils.
Item # 0100
Current Price: $10.00
Jan. 1, 2012: $12.50

Almond Shampoo

Almond Soy Moisturizing Conditioner with Mint 8 oz.
Almond Soy Conditioner is designed to compliment the Almond Soy Shampoo. Rinse out or leave in. It detangles the hair and provides much needed moisture.
Item # 0106
Current Price: $10.00
Jan. 1, 2012: $12.50


Beta-Carotene Conditioning
Treatment 4 oz.

Beta-Carotene Conditioning Treatment is a natural humectant for dry brittle hair.

Item # 0101
Current Price: $12.00
Jan 1, 2012: $15


100% Natural Silk Almond Serum with Jojoba 2 oz.

Silk Almond Serum with Jojoba is a natural, non-oily hydrating serum with Jojoba that deeply moisturizes dry hair and scalp.

Item # 0103
Current Price: $20.00
Jan 1, 2012: $15

Aquasilk Leave-in Conditioner 4 oz.
AquaSilk Leave-In Conditioner is a natural blend of protein emollients for smooth, silky hair.
Item # 0102
Current Price: $10.00
Jan. 1, 2012: $10.00

Complete Hair Care Regimen

  • Almond Soy Shampoo 8 oz.
  • Almond Soy Moisturizing Conditioner with Mint 8 oz.
  • AquaSilk Leave-In Conditioner 4 oz.
  • Silk Almond Serum with Jojoba 2 oz.

Item # 0104
Current Price: Buy all four for: $50.00 … And get FREE SHIPPING!
Price Jan. 1, 2012: $50.00

Dry Hair Therapy Regimen

  • Almond Soy Shampoo 8 oz.
  • Almond Soy Conditioner with Mint 8 oz.
  • Beta Carotene Conditioning Treatment 4 oz.
  • Silk Almond Serum with Jojoba 2 oz.

Item #: 0107
Current Price: $52.00
Jan1, 2012: $55.00

Coconut Almond Butter 4 oz.

Infused with natural moisturizers and essential ingredients that relieve dry hair and scalp while nourishing the hair. Helps control dandruff.

Also, a natural skin softener that easily absorbs into the skin and won’t clog the pores. Helps prevent dryness and cracking of skin. Excellent on elbows, knees and heels.
A note about our Coconut Almond Butter:

It is only available in our salon at present. If you are in theDalla/Ft. Worth area, pick a jar up at Salon Six 9.
Current Price: $20
Jan. 1, 2012: $20
Details and directions here:

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Felicia Smith: What a Testimony!

CLICK to listen to her testimony!

Felicia Smith is a young, beautiful, vivacious personal trainer who found herself fighting the biggest opponent of her life: breast cancer. We are pleased to announce that she bested her adversary and in so doing, she discovered Nature’s Essential Ingredients and earned her B.A. at Auburn University in occupational therapy. An oncology patient, she needed a shampoo and body wash that would not compromise her already depleted immune system. When she was referred to Nadean Day as a stylist, she was immediately drawn to the natural products Nadean Day created. Please listen to her testimony at how she used NEI’s Almond Soy Shampoo as a body wash. These products are now available in a number of hospitals for other oncology patients. Order yours at!

“The Almond Soy Conditioner kept me scalp and hair smooth, silky, soft and reduced the flakiness of my scalp.” –Cheryl Estes

For Nature’s Essential Ingredients, Cheryl Estes remembers the product line and files this testimonial. Please review it!  We interviewed her by phone while she was still in the shop so listen closely!

CLICK to Listen to Cheryl’s Testimonial

“My second favorite is  the Almond Serum.  I pour a little bit into my palm and apply to my hair and it makes it shine all day long.” –Cheryl Estes

Hear the interview with Nadean Day, Founder of NEI

Nadean Day Interview with Isidra Person-Lynn Nov. 07, 2010 by

Some of the Nature's Essential Ingredients product line will be carried at Ernie's Appearance Center, Baylor Hospital.

Nature’s Essential Ingredients (NEI) is proud to announce that the Department of Oncology at Baylor Hospital have approved products from NEI Beauty Care to be carried in its Ernie’s Appearance Center, a special boutique available to help patients look and feel their best during their cancer treatment. Ernie’s carries hair alternatives, wig selections, hats, scarves, head wraps, Breast prosthesis, Vitamins and nutritional support products.  Now added to those products are NEI’s  Almond Soy Shampoo, Aquasilk, and Silk Almond Serum.

“We are extremely excited to get this endorsement,” said Nadean Day, founder and creator of Nature’s Essential Ingredients. “It’s definitely for me its like an open door that will lead us into more hospitals that we can help more people.”

When Nadean started her natural products line three years ago, that was her intent.  “When I started out, that’s what I had in my mind–to really and truly help  my clients who were having problems with their hair, scalp and skin. But never did I dream it would help people undergoing chemotherapy.   I am probably more excited about this than anything,” said Nadean.

It all started when Nadean met Felisha Smith,  a personal fitness trainer, who was undergoing chemotherapy. She had very short, sparse hair and was attracted to the natural ingredients in NEI. While Nadean styled her hair only once, Felicia began using the products at home.  After about six months, she reported  that her hair had grown back thicker and better than it was before. Around that time, another of Nadean’s clients, Ethel Randall-Corbet, Corporate System Director of the Breast Imaging Department at Baylor Charles A. Sammons Hospital shared some of NEI’s products with the oncology doctors there. After they reviewed the ingredient list, they approved the products to be offered at Ernie’s.

“Many of our customers use the Almond Soy Shampoo as a body wash, and use the 100% Natural Silk Almond Serum with Jojoba all over their bodies.  If a product is natural, you should be able to use the product virtually anywhere,” said Nadean.

NEI has been known to ease other maladies:  Nadean’s co-stylist at Salon Six 9 in Fort Worth, Maile Johnson, suffered from contact dermatitis.  She had a bad case of eczema.  Her doctors discovered that she was allergic to all preservatives in shampoos and lotions and conditions.  That is unfortunate because it is her job to use such chemicals in her profession.  Maile and Nadean looked at every product in their shop and found none without preservatives and chemicals except NEI and one other.  Mailey was compelled to use NEI exclusively and soon reported that her back cleared up, (she washed her hair in the shower, so suds would run down her back) and her cracked and bleeding finger tips starters clearing up in a few month’s time.

NEI is only available online at, through distributors, at Salon Six 9 in Fort Worth and at Ernie’s Appearance Center, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., located in the Baylor Sammons Cancer Center 1st floor lobby, 3535 Worth St, Dallas, TX 75246
 or call (214) 820-8282.

For more information about Nature’s Essential Ingredients and its holiday savings, visit:

A testimonial from Rosalind Evans, a CPA, Married, Mother of 3 sons
and long time customer from Fort Worth.

Since Rosalind was 19, she started putting relaxer in her hair, against the advice of her mother. She had long hair that had a natural curl, but Rosalind had moved to Washington D.C., where she attended Howard University, and there she met humidity like she had never known. She felt she needed something in her hair.

It wasn’t long before her hair started breaking off. Alarmed, her previous hairdresser referred her to Nadean Day. That was 22 years ago, and the two clicked from the beginning.

Back then, Nadean’s daughter, Alexis, was only one year-old, and Rosalind wasn’t even married, but Nadean was known for having healing hands throughout the industry. Some believed she could grow peach fuzz into a page boy!

As Nadean’s experienced techniques began to heal Rosalind’s hair, the two started to experiment with different hair styles and products.

Rosalind was looking so good, her boyfriend popped the question. Unfortunately, as her wedding day neared, and plans for her wedding consumed her life, her hair started to break again. During other high stress times, like after the birth of each child, she’d have to cut her hair off and start all over again.

“It was short, but cute,” she said. “Nadean would style a bang in front and I got a lot of compliments on it. I let her experiment with all kinds of cuts and colors.”
When her hair grew long again, Nadean encouraged her to use a roller set. Rosalind balked because she did not want to look like an old lady at night, but she became a believer when the lack of applied heat allowed her hair to grow right back.

No matter the hair crisis, Nadean was always able to coax Rosalind’s hair back to life. She would take her off the blow dryer, or try other preventive measures, but still Rosalind wanted to perm her hair 3 or 4 times a year.

“Today, I don’t have a relaxer on my hair any more,” Rosalind affirmed. “It was thinning my hair, so I had to make a choice. Since I colored my hair as well, and since I had been getting a relaxer since I was 19, it was the relaxer that had to go.”

Rosalind reminisced about the day when Nadean asked her to try her new hair care product she’d developed at home. She was a willing subject. The first product she tried was the Nature’s Essential Ingredients Serum and she loved it.

“I like it because it is light. I like the fragrance and just use a little bit on my hair, she said, gesturing. “I also use it on my hands, elbows, knees– and I use it on my boys. In addition, they use the shampoo, and the spray Aquasilk. My all natural hair responded to it well.” She now has it flat-ironed, or she washes it and braids it, then finger combs it out for a wavy style.

How? Rosalind says she uses the Aquasilk to moisturize and section each braid and the Coconut Almond butter (which is about to be released!) for shine, then on the ends she will apply the Beta Carotene as a dressing and let it curl up. “Braiding is like setting my hair, so I will wear it braided 3 or 4 days, because it is easier. I even use the Beta Carotene along the edges to hold them down. Then, when I take the braids out, I have a different style.”

Rosalind said she did not know what she would do without Nadean. “I am not going anywhere. Even if she retires, I will go to her house and she can to do my hair in her kitchen chair,” she laughed. Then, as an afterthought she mused: “ A lot of good things have come from Nadean’s kitchen.”

For years, stylist Jeanne Summerfield-Brice has worked in the salon with Nadean Day, NEI product creator and founder. So when Nadean started bringing the early samples of her products for her colleagues to try, Jeanne fell in love with them.

She had been struggling with contact dermatitis, which happens when you are constantly putting your hands in chemicals while you are doing hair. Nature’s Essential Ingredients came to her rescue! Watch her testimonial!

ShirJuanda Woodson, 17

High School Junior, DeSoto, TX

ShirJuandaOne day, popular radio personality Michael Baisden was hosting a show about natural products. Nadean Day, creator of Nature’s Essential Ingredients (NEI), received a call from the show’s producers inviting her on the air as a guest. (You can hear it yourself on the front page of our website or by clicking here!) One caller phoned to say that his daughter had gone to Nadean, and that she had created miracles. Thanks to Nadean’s own product line, Nature’s Essential Ingredients, his daughter’s broken-off hair had grown back!

After the interview, Nadean’s phones started ringing off the hook and NEI had taken off!

The daughter the caller was referring to was 17 year old ShirJuanda Woodson of DeSoto, TX. She had been suffering from eczema which plagued her knees and elbows and the dry flaky condition had begun affecting her hair. The worrisome skin condition made her hair brittle, which caused her long hair, which grew half way down her back, to break off. To stop the breakage, she had her hair cut to shoulder length but when she tried to grow it out, it continued to break.

A friend of her godmother’s suggested she go to Nadean Day. “That was a year and a half ago” said a beaming ShirJuanda. “Not only did she help my hair grow back healthier, but I had been using her serum on my elbows and knees and it is helping my eczema go away!”

When all looked lost, Nadean gave her young client hope. “She’s a motivator, “ said ShirJuanda. “She keeps you going. That’s what I really love about her!”


Nadean Day, Creator, CEO Nature's Essential Ingredients, at the Southern California Launch


We really do appreciate all of the hard work many of you put into making our Southern California Launch successful. It was a beautiful day. Thanks to Explorer Studios, we have some video and photos to share with you. We hope you are enjoying your new products!

Click here to see photos!


Happy Mother’s Day all!  We just completed our first contest on Facebook!  (Join our page on Facebook at NEI Beautycare)

Our winner is Denise Malachi Inman who wrote:

My mom used to whistle through her teeth when she pressed my hair. The problem was she was blowing that heat from the comb straight down on my scalp. If I flinched she’d tell me to keep still or she might burn me all the while she was burning me! Believe me, the smell of Ultra Sheen & pressed hair … Great memories!

Denise won the complete product line for NEI Beautycare.  Congratulations, Denise!  Hope you had a Happy Mother’s Day! After you’ve used them for awhile, comment on Facebook or this blog to let us know how you like our products!

Be sure and subscribe to our Facebook page or this blog because very soon we will post more testimonials who have used Nature’s Essential Ingredients and have had stellar results! And thanks to all who entered!

Deborah Henson, Fort Worth, TX | Inventory Analyst | Married with three sons.

Nadean Day's Testimonials

Deborah Henson

I have been a client of Nadean Day’s almost 9 years. She’s an awesome person who s always giving advice tips on your hair.

About 6 years ago, I had moved away from the area, and my hair suffered!  When I moved back to Fort Worth, Nadean had been doing a lot of people in the salon.  Whenever she started creating her new products, my hair started to come back to life again..  I even had a bald spot (since childhood) and what she was putting on my hair filled in the spot and started making that area grow out .

Since I get my hair done often, they use all of the products on me.  I wear my hair layered, or sometimes in a shoulder length bob.  My hair is semi-coarse and what I really like is that these products make my hair softer, smoother and more manageable!  I work out a lot and exercise, and I sweat, but I can roll it at night and comb it out so it is very manageable in between time! (I see her every two weeks.)

Nadean has some “dern” good products! I tell my friends and relatives and after they fall in love with them, they go on-line and purchase products they love.

Djuana Lacey

Djuana Lacey

“My hair is back, stronger than ever!”

Djuana Lacey, Fort Worth, Texas.  Security Guard, Single, 45

I love Nadean’s products!  Nadean has been my stylist for 18 years and I would go to her every two weeks, religiously.  I love her, because she is consistent. She listens to you–whatever you want, she’ll do it, unlike some hairdressers who are so opinionated.

One month, I was financially challenged, so I went to someone else and they put a perm in my hair, which broke it off.  Horrified, I rushed back to Nadean.  She started using her all natural products on me and my hair started coming back, stronger and healthier than it was before!  I really love the butter she uses on my hair. I also use the NEI Almond Soy Shampoo and the Beta Carotene. They’re great!