Time out for Testimonials: What Do NEI Customers Have to Say?

April 15, 2010

Deborah Henson, Fort Worth, TX | Inventory Analyst | Married with three sons.

Nadean Day's Testimonials

Deborah Henson

I have been a client of Nadean Day’s almost 9 years. She’s an awesome person who s always giving advice tips on your hair.

About 6 years ago, I had moved away from the area, and my hair suffered!  When I moved back to Fort Worth, Nadean had been doing a lot of people in the salon.  Whenever she started creating her new products, my hair started to come back to life again..  I even had a bald spot (since childhood) and what she was putting on my hair filled in the spot and started making that area grow out .

Since I get my hair done often, they use all of the products on me.  I wear my hair layered, or sometimes in a shoulder length bob.  My hair is semi-coarse and what I really like is that these products make my hair softer, smoother and more manageable!  I work out a lot and exercise, and I sweat, but I can roll it at night and comb it out so it is very manageable in between time! (I see her every two weeks.)

Nadean has some “dern” good products! I tell my friends and relatives and after they fall in love with them, they go on-line and purchase products they love.

Djuana Lacey

Djuana Lacey

“My hair is back, stronger than ever!”

Djuana Lacey, Fort Worth, Texas.  Security Guard, Single, 45

I love Nadean’s products!  Nadean has been my stylist for 18 years and I would go to her every two weeks, religiously.  I love her, because she is consistent. She listens to you–whatever you want, she’ll do it, unlike some hairdressers who are so opinionated.

One month, I was financially challenged, so I went to someone else and they put a perm in my hair, which broke it off.  Horrified, I rushed back to Nadean.  She started using her all natural products on me and my hair started coming back, stronger and healthier than it was before!  I really love the butter she uses on my hair. I also use the NEI Almond Soy Shampoo and the Beta Carotene. They’re great!


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