Nature’s Essential Ingredients Stopped My Shedding

August 18, 2010

ShirJuanda Woodson, 17

High School Junior, DeSoto, TX

ShirJuandaOne day, popular radio personality Michael Baisden was hosting a show about natural products. Nadean Day, creator of Nature’s Essential Ingredients (NEI), received a call from the show’s producers inviting her on the air as a guest. (You can hear it yourself on the front page of our website or by clicking here!) One caller phoned to say that his daughter had gone to Nadean, and that she had created miracles. Thanks to Nadean’s own product line, Nature’s Essential Ingredients, his daughter’s broken-off hair had grown back!

After the interview, Nadean’s phones started ringing off the hook and NEI had taken off!

The daughter the caller was referring to was 17 year old ShirJuanda Woodson of DeSoto, TX. She had been suffering from eczema which plagued her knees and elbows and the dry flaky condition had begun affecting her hair. The worrisome skin condition made her hair brittle, which caused her long hair, which grew half way down her back, to break off. To stop the breakage, she had her hair cut to shoulder length but when she tried to grow it out, it continued to break.

A friend of her godmother’s suggested she go to Nadean Day. “That was a year and a half ago” said a beaming ShirJuanda. “Not only did she help my hair grow back healthier, but I had been using her serum on my elbows and knees and it is helping my eczema go away!”

When all looked lost, Nadean gave her young client hope. “She’s a motivator, “ said ShirJuanda. “She keeps you going. That’s what I really love about her!”


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