Testimonials: “Nadean’s Healing Products and Hands Brought My Hair Back to Life”

October 7, 2010

A testimonial from Rosalind Evans, a CPA, Married, Mother of 3 sons
and long time customer from Fort Worth.

Since Rosalind was 19, she started putting relaxer in her hair, against the advice of her mother. She had long hair that had a natural curl, but Rosalind had moved to Washington D.C., where she attended Howard University, and there she met humidity like she had never known. She felt she needed something in her hair.

It wasn’t long before her hair started breaking off. Alarmed, her previous hairdresser referred her to Nadean Day. That was 22 years ago, and the two clicked from the beginning.

Back then, Nadean’s daughter, Alexis, was only one year-old, and Rosalind wasn’t even married, but Nadean was known for having healing hands throughout the industry. Some believed she could grow peach fuzz into a page boy!

As Nadean’s experienced techniques began to heal Rosalind’s hair, the two started to experiment with different hair styles and products.

Rosalind was looking so good, her boyfriend popped the question. Unfortunately, as her wedding day neared, and plans for her wedding consumed her life, her hair started to break again. During other high stress times, like after the birth of each child, she’d have to cut her hair off and start all over again.

“It was short, but cute,” she said. “Nadean would style a bang in front and I got a lot of compliments on it. I let her experiment with all kinds of cuts and colors.”
When her hair grew long again, Nadean encouraged her to use a roller set. Rosalind balked because she did not want to look like an old lady at night, but she became a believer when the lack of applied heat allowed her hair to grow right back.

No matter the hair crisis, Nadean was always able to coax Rosalind’s hair back to life. She would take her off the blow dryer, or try other preventive measures, but still Rosalind wanted to perm her hair 3 or 4 times a year.

“Today, I don’t have a relaxer on my hair any more,” Rosalind affirmed. “It was thinning my hair, so I had to make a choice. Since I colored my hair as well, and since I had been getting a relaxer since I was 19, it was the relaxer that had to go.”

Rosalind reminisced about the day when Nadean asked her to try her new hair care product she’d developed at home. She was a willing subject. The first product she tried was the Nature’s Essential Ingredients Serum and she loved it.

“I like it because it is light. I like the fragrance and just use a little bit on my hair, she said, gesturing. “I also use it on my hands, elbows, knees– and I use it on my boys. In addition, they use the shampoo, and the spray Aquasilk. My all natural hair responded to it well.” She now has it flat-ironed, or she washes it and braids it, then finger combs it out for a wavy style.

How? Rosalind says she uses the Aquasilk to moisturize and section each braid and the Coconut Almond butter (which is about to be released!) for shine, then on the ends she will apply the Beta Carotene as a dressing and let it curl up. “Braiding is like setting my hair, so I will wear it braided 3 or 4 days, because it is easier. I even use the Beta Carotene along the edges to hold them down. Then, when I take the braids out, I have a different style.”

Rosalind said she did not know what she would do without Nadean. “I am not going anywhere. Even if she retires, I will go to her house and she can to do my hair in her kitchen chair,” she laughed. Then, as an afterthought she mused: “ A lot of good things have come from Nadean’s kitchen.”


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