Good News! NEI Products Approved by the Baylor Hospital Oncology Department for sale at Special Boutique for Cancer Patients

November 8, 2010

Hear the interview with Nadean Day, Founder of NEI

Nadean Day Interview with Isidra Person-Lynn Nov. 07, 2010 by

Some of the Nature's Essential Ingredients product line will be carried at Ernie's Appearance Center, Baylor Hospital.

Nature’s Essential Ingredients (NEI) is proud to announce that the Department of Oncology at Baylor Hospital have approved products from NEI Beauty Care to be carried in its Ernie’s Appearance Center, a special boutique available to help patients look and feel their best during their cancer treatment. Ernie’s carries hair alternatives, wig selections, hats, scarves, head wraps, Breast prosthesis, Vitamins and nutritional support products.  Now added to those products are NEI’s  Almond Soy Shampoo, Aquasilk, and Silk Almond Serum.

“We are extremely excited to get this endorsement,” said Nadean Day, founder and creator of Nature’s Essential Ingredients. “It’s definitely for me its like an open door that will lead us into more hospitals that we can help more people.”

When Nadean started her natural products line three years ago, that was her intent.  “When I started out, that’s what I had in my mind–to really and truly help  my clients who were having problems with their hair, scalp and skin. But never did I dream it would help people undergoing chemotherapy.   I am probably more excited about this than anything,” said Nadean.

It all started when Nadean met Felisha Smith,  a personal fitness trainer, who was undergoing chemotherapy. She had very short, sparse hair and was attracted to the natural ingredients in NEI. While Nadean styled her hair only once, Felicia began using the products at home.  After about six months, she reported  that her hair had grown back thicker and better than it was before. Around that time, another of Nadean’s clients, Ethel Randall-Corbet, Corporate System Director of the Breast Imaging Department at Baylor Charles A. Sammons Hospital shared some of NEI’s products with the oncology doctors there. After they reviewed the ingredient list, they approved the products to be offered at Ernie’s.

“Many of our customers use the Almond Soy Shampoo as a body wash, and use the 100% Natural Silk Almond Serum with Jojoba all over their bodies.  If a product is natural, you should be able to use the product virtually anywhere,” said Nadean.

NEI has been known to ease other maladies:  Nadean’s co-stylist at Salon Six 9 in Fort Worth, Maile Johnson, suffered from contact dermatitis.  She had a bad case of eczema.  Her doctors discovered that she was allergic to all preservatives in shampoos and lotions and conditions.  That is unfortunate because it is her job to use such chemicals in her profession.  Maile and Nadean looked at every product in their shop and found none without preservatives and chemicals except NEI and one other.  Mailey was compelled to use NEI exclusively and soon reported that her back cleared up, (she washed her hair in the shower, so suds would run down her back) and her cracked and bleeding finger tips starters clearing up in a few month’s time.

NEI is only available online at, through distributors, at Salon Six 9 in Fort Worth and at Ernie’s Appearance Center, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., located in the Baylor Sammons Cancer Center 1st floor lobby, 3535 Worth St, Dallas, TX 75246
 or call (214) 820-8282.

For more information about Nature’s Essential Ingredients and its holiday savings, visit:


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