Nadean Day

If it’s essential to nature, it must be essential to you!

Nadean Day
Creator and Executive Chairman

“I know my clients want to use relaxers and colors,” said Nadean. “But these chemicals leave their hair dry and dull. My mission is keeping their hair on their heads longer and healthier by using nature’s essential ingredients.”

For Nadean Day, hair care has been a reality of life since she began her ascent into the world. Her dad, an Air Force airman, had been a barber and her mother a hair stylist. The day she was born, her very pregnant mother was still doing hair behind her chair at the salon. Nadean did not wait until the ambulance rushed her to the hospital to make her grand entrance. No, she was born on the way.

As a teen, Nadean’s house was the place her friends found themselves. Since her own hair was always layered, feathered and chic, her friends wanted her to do the same for them.

“We were cosmetologists, so we could do anything from eyebrows, to make-up, to elegant hairstyles,” said Nadean. Prom week was always a rotating blur of high schoolers. “You should do it professionally,” many told her.

Her dad had other plans. An education would catapult her out of the segregated lifestyle he’d experienced in the military. But Nadean, a real daddy’s girl, argued her case until he relented.

After formally completing cosmetology school, Nadean and some friends opened a salon. It was an exciting move for someone of such a tender age of 26. Her techniques grew in popularity and she never had a problem filling her chair.

Along the way, Nadean, who adapted her father’s zeal for fitness, earned the prestigious fitness-training certificate at nationally renowned Cooper’s Clinic. She continued to teach herself everything she could about fitness and nutrition. In comparison, her father, works out continually and today at 75 years of age has a chiseled six-pack.

She loved putting together natural remedies for hair problems. On weekends, she would mix up batches of healing potions and bring them to her clients to try. For her first creation, Nadean went to her kitchen cabinets, blended various ingredients, and came up with a scalp conditioner. “I’m not a chemist but I like to cook so I have a way of formulating products,” said Nadean.

Pretty soon, she had a varied line of products.

“I know my clients want to use relaxers and colors,” said Nadean. “But these chemicals leave their hair dry and dull. My mission is keeping their hair on their heads longer and healthier by using nature’s essential ingredients.”

The word was spreading that Nadean’s products worked. One of her long-time clients, Atty. Renee Higginbotham-Brooks was a witness. When she had a hard time getting products for herself, she told Nadean about a good friend of hers, Renee Brown whose father founded Pro-Line Corporation, which had just been sold. The timing was perfect.

Nadean started doing Renee’s hair regularly and the two Libras clicked. Renee Brown had some immediate hair problems that no product on the market seemed to address. Her hair was dry, thinning and breaking. Her scalp was showing through on her temples, but Renee thought that came along with aging. That was until Nadean nourished her hair with all natural, essential ingredients from nature. The proof was in the product.

Suddenly, getting involved with a new hair care product line—one that was all natural—made perfect sense. Other projects fell away and the three turned their expertise to the product line, which they decided to call Nature’s Essential Ingredients.

Of course, Renee Brown’s marketing skills and Renee Brook’s legal counsel and networking expertise left Nadean free to create the line of products—shampoos, conditioners, serums, and more– all infused with essential oils that delight the senses—so much so that anointing one’s head with these oils, shampoos and conditioners would be calming and soothing.

For NEI, Renee Brown likes to say that the planets are aligned, but planets don’t really align themselves–the forces of nature introduce them to each other then sit back and watch the possibilities.

Nadean Day is married to James Day. She has one daughter, Alexandria, who plans to pursue a career in the beauty industry.


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