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Did you Know?
Nadean Day, Nature’s Essential Ingredients creator and CEO discusses Hair Elasticity
Elasticity measures the hair’s ability to stretch and recover without breaking. Breakage is closely related to elasticity. It occurs as weakened hair experiences different types of manipulations such as combing, brushing, rolling, pulling and even shampooing.  So, if your hair is breaking or you feel as though it is shedding more that normal, please handle it with care. You will do more damage to it with these simple manipulations.
A great solution is to try using NEI Almond Soy Shampoo and Almond Soy conditioner with  Mint to detangle and keep your hair soft. The NEI Beta-carotene helps to strengthen and moisturize while using the NEI Silk Almond Serum daily will prevent shedding. This is known as The Dry Hair Therapy Regimen. Check out our web site at

Did you know that blow drying soaking wet hair can result in extreme damage and hair breakage?
Try this instead: After shampooing and conditioning with NEI Almond Soy Shampoo and Almond Soy Conditioner with Mint, detangle  your hair with a wide tooth comb, sweeping upwards as if you were putting it in a ponytail. Then, get a dry towel and wrap your hair, twisting the towel toward the top. Tuck under one side. Leave for 10 min to absorb excess water.
Remove towel, spray with NEI Aquasilk Leave-in Conditioner and proceed to blow dry and style.
This will prevent further damage and you will cut you drying time in half!!! HAPPY STYLING!
Ah, the Ponytail.  Maybe it is NOT your best friend?

Did you know that wearing  a ponytail on a regular basis will break your hair? Pulling your hair back in the same style will put tension and stress around the whole hairline and in the area that is in the ponytail holder. If you must wear this style, try to move the ponytail up or down  to prevent unnecessary breakage. As for the hairline, try using your hands to smooth the hair back or a wide tooth comb in stead of a brush. The brush causes stress when repetition of stroking is applied on a daily basis.
Tip: Use NEI Silk Almond Serum around your hairline to soften and strengthen and stimulate new hair growth. The Beta-Carotene can also be used to help lay those unruly fly-aways down while. conditioning it with natural ingredients. This can be applied daily to dry hair.
Do you have damaged hair? Here is a great resource for you:
Dr. Ali Syed has provided very detailed analysis of a variety of problem=s and ways to prevent it. Check out the slide show and be sure to scroll down for more information!

Working Out Doesn’t Have to Compromise Your Hair!

All women–especially Black women– love to keep their hair fresh and sometimes many shun exercising. Now, we all know a hair style will not expand your life and or ward off diseases such as high blood pressure and heart disease, which are  among African-Americans.
Here’s a Tip.  Try working out in 15 minute intervals. Each morning take a 15 minute walk and then do another 15 minutes in the evening. That adds up to 30 minutes total.  Most people do not realize that you won’t sweat as much in 15 minutes vs 30 minutes total but the results
on your health are the same.  Exercise is accumulative.
Also, try some weight training which is not so hard on the hair style but has some great benefits.

Nadean Day

CEO and Creator

NEI Beautycare, Inc.

and Veteran Stylist

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4 Responses to “Hair Tips”

  1. makeba said


    I wear two strand twists, do you offer a product that will cause the hair to create a curly pattern? I currently use CD lob butter but would love to try this in your line.

    • nadeanday said

      Currently, our consumers are finding the Aquasilk Leave in Conditioner to set and maintain their twists.

      After shampooing with Almond Soy Shampoo followed by the Almond Soy Conditioner with Mint , do not rinse conditioner out. This will detangle and make twist silky and smoother.

      Spray each section with 3 to 4 sprays of Aquasilk and twist as usual. You can also spray every 2 to 3 days and tie locks up at night to maintain.
      Thank You!
      Nadean Day

  2. Cheryl said

    my hair is dry around the edges which product is good for me, also i never permed my hair as growing up until i took up cosmetology in high school, but i only put a perm in my hair maybe twice a year, it was curly as growing up, i hate using perms, i want to try your products, also my hair just don’t seem to be growing fast these days, i need help. thanks cheryl

  3. nadeanday said

    Hello Cheryl,

    I apologize for my delayed response. I recommend the NEI Dry Hair Therapy Regiment for your hair.
    After shampooing with Almond Soy Shampoo, use the Almond Soy Conditioner with Mint. Comb this conditioner through and apply a warm towel for 5 to 10 minutes or sit under a hot dryer with a plastic bag covering your hair.

    Rinse with cool water. Apply the Beta-Carotene
    to the hair line and distribute throughout the entire hair shaft using product the size of a quarter. Apply 4 to 6 drops of the Silk Almond Serum and proceed to blow dry or style as usual. Add a dime size of beta carotene to hair daily or as needed along with the silk almond serum.

    If you have any more questions, please let me know!

    Nadean Day

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